Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Rantings of the frustated Mind!

Today the 25th feb 2011..
Got at 7 and for the first time didnot feel the need to sleep anymore!!! was ready by 7:50 and had enough time to eat breakfast and heat up the rotis for tiffin and for the first time in the mnths called up ck first :-) awesome start of the day!!

Have stopped feeling disappointed abt the metropolitan anymore.. and now am making a promise to not to loose my patience right at the start of the day becoz of this slow service of the metro.. Yuvraj and ck keep telling me they are working on it.. but tell me is there a deadline for this??

Reached office on time, to see my client sitting there at the her desk, just like yesterday night, when we left her to leave for the day.. i am not sure if she leaves that seat nytime..!!! and her same monotonous dressing sense makes me belive tht she really didnot leave the office!! well whtever.. its her life! but someday i do wish i wld reach before her.. and now i dunno wht do i wish tht, would it really make a diff and is it really worth a effort to get up early for this!!

well started the day by bashing everybody on the emails.. sent replies left right..and then fought with mr SD and my client.. nevertheless it was a fruitless discussion..what would anyone expect with SD and my client on the call..

worked very well through the day.. got weird looks from my client when i spoke to my mom for 30 mins.. well duno why waste all tht effort on those looks, when i am still going to call my mom and speak to her more 30 mins each day!!

later in the day, ash told me about her JPMC award.. which is a feat in itself.. kudos to her..shes a star..confession: tried a lot not to get those jealous or angry feelings.. really not sure which feeling precisely crept into my MIND.. ws unhappy not becoz she got the award.. but becoz i wish my client would recognise our (ck and mine) efforts in a similar fashion.. it would atleast some motivation to continue to work on this project!! nevertheless ash many congratulations!! so proud of you!!

well u wld think, client bashing is one of my part time fav.. then let me add a bit more to the above discussion.. when i mentioned to my client about ash's award with a smile.. she replied.. why did she get an award.. u work harder than her.. her award is justified?? and my expression turned to 'WTF!!' well u dont hv the skill set to appreciate the Robotic Humans around you.. but others do.. and well nobody has to justify anything to her atleast.. so now you would nt disagree with my bashing would you!! :-D

well..going forward..went off to gym.. did hard core 20 mins speed 10 tread mill.. and hated every min of the last 5 mins.. but hv to put myself thru this everyday just to GET BACK IN SHAPE..
But yes, i hv to say.. I mke myself walk towards 'my' office and 'my' desk every morning is only for this 20 mins of tension free GYM..(which saldy is going to be discotinued after 1 apr.. y ?? someother time)

Tried tried so much to leave on time..which is 7:30 (well this is my 'on time' time), but ofcrse My C(short form for client, since i am going to write a lot abt her) thought otherwise(a thought which she thinks every evening when ck and plan to leave for the day) and gave me a task..

after 10 mins, started blaming me AGAIN for all issues in XIBI.. and u knw wht Miss C, I DONT CARE!! for the first time in my life, i wish to return back to india.. why?? becuase i hate my work

Day 1 conclusion: I have ZERO motivation to do my work!! Sad but true..
PS: 30 min mummy discussion: tried to explain to her.. u cant make everybody like you..becoz as a friend had rightly said..'wht others think abt me is none of my business'
Gn :-D


  1. started writing the blog..good job done. mast likha hai and yes keep C bashing. Its a good way to get out your frustration.
    You have done too much for this project and its about time someone recognises this.

  2. BTW, the background is awesome..It reminds me of my fev season..:)

  3. it was nice day jenny :)
    although we were late than what was planned, we managed to ESCAPE from office at 8:00 :D

  4. C for client :)
    nice reading this post about one day in the life of jenny


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