Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Great Fall

It was a Monday, so I was anyways not in a very good mood! And to add to that, I started the day by falling and tearing by brand new stockings from MnS!!

How did I fall? I was walking on the road, and just before ck's house's turn, i slipped and fell right on the road.. I slipped not becuase i was walking very fast, not because I was admiring the trees and the flowers, not becuase there was a smart guy around, of whom I couldnot take my eyes off!.. I fell becuase of my precious MnS shoes, which have literally no sole left.. The sole has eroded because of excessive use.. The fall has given me a very bad bruise on the right knee and the leg was bledding a lot right throughout the day.. which actually made me that i had diabetes! But still I am not at all upset on the shoes, or on myself for wearing such soleless(not souless:-P) shoes.. Becuase the shoes -> jaise bhi hain mera hain and have been gifted to me by a very special person ;-)

But I was certainly upset on the not so gentle man, who walked right past me.. even though he saw me fall, and didnot even bother to turn and see if I AM ALIVE OR DEAD.

I dunno what is with this British 'gentle' men. I mean, aren't british men supposed to be very gentlemanly!! Forget about being a gentle man, that was totally inhuman, to walk past a lady who is fallen down on the ground right in front of you!!!! Well, he got a lot of £$$&^ from me (I said that in my mind ofcrse)

I went to office anyways, since I had this big ctrl m issues and all blah blah!! But later on I reliased, that I was stupid! Since on tuesday, when i was leave due to this fever which i get whenevr i fall, My C's commetns were.. She took a leave for that scratch!!!!! Well, this comment has certainly rubbed off a lot of salt on my wounds.. But lesson learnt maam.. This comment is going to cost you big time..!! and you would surely see how! (Revenge time has started.. I am actually writitng this blog in the office hrs !! yayy yippeee!!)

Ok, as of now preparing to complete the blog on our awesomeeee scotland trip!!! BFN

PS: After a long time, had long long mail trail with Gomes.. felt so much nicer and better.. She yelled at me for not calling her and mailing her in almost all her emails :-P.. and that made me feel so nicer about myself.. that I mean so much to her!!


  1. Time for new shoes !!

    and yes you got leave which was required as you needed rest yest ..

  2. thank god you took that leave yesterday. I was beginning to think i might have to bind u to bed to make u stay at home

  3. the revenge - updating blog during office time - ::)

    but tell me did you actually get around to a bigger revenge? or this was it?

    and &*^%(#&*#$ to that man who walked past a fallen you


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