Friday, November 11, 2011

First near, now miles apart; but always close to the heart

Khushboo, The first day of the school -> Despair and fear
Amongst the haughty and the rich, smiling along you appear..
You chat and you ask, you understand my words - not clear…
You hold my hand and you walk, my sadness you bear..

I walk with you that day ; and then I walk with you each day
I listen to you talk; and I nod and obey
I share my secrets, my joy and my sorrow..
I look up to you, in every which way

You fight for me, while I hide away..
Spirited and spunky, you then teach we your way…
You empathize with me, and you shout at me
You make me like you, you make me brave

We fight sometimes, and then dont bother
We hurt, we anger. and dont talk to each other
But when the day is over and the sun is to set
We apologise, we laugh, and we shed tears together..

8 years of school but a friendship forever,
The hour of separation and but a promise to remember..
To meet again and never forget..
The meaning of us both, in the life of each other!!!

PS: This post is for Khush, who has been my BFF for the 17 years!


  1. Amazing... lovely...
    Your friend is really Lucky and you too :)

  2. How sweet of you to read my old posts :-)) yes, both of us are very lucky to have each other :-))

  3. Lovely...Even my frnds call me Khush..and i love to be called so:)

  4. Thank you Khush, you took the time to read this! really appreciated and glad you liked it!


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