Thursday, November 10, 2011


There is a saying in Marathi LBW -> 'Labun bara watto'.. It means, Great, but but only from far!!
This post is for all the Best dressed men/women, who create a great first impression, but ruin all the dressing up efforts, with their extra shaanpatti
behavior..Behavior which is immature, inconsiderate and insensitive to the people around you..Behavior which immediately presents yourself as a snobbish, egotistic person, who thinks the world at his/her feet and disregards everybody else..

I have had the misfortune to come across such kind at different time / places in my life..have been keenly observing them, and really pity their family / friends who have to deal with them everyday!!(But again the ques, do they behave with them as well in the same fashion?)

Jumping the line irritates the hell out of me, and most times I want to yell at the person to get their damn butt back, and join the line..We are not fools waiting for you to come by, and see you disregard the queue , smugly smile at the people standing in it, and walk right up to the beginning of the queue...

In London, I had observed that these morons were at their best behaviour.. no one wanted to be called an outsider.. and everyone wanted to gel right into the angreezi crowd.. None would jump the line in the LHR airport, would stand erect and act angreez..
But as soon as they land into Mumbai Chatrapati shivaji airport and breathe in the Indian air.. it hits them, that 'arey india pahuchgaye? dekado apne asli rang..!'
Me was standing in the line for customs, with my trolley over flowing with my baggage ..oh yes, I am always overflowing (with my baggage ofcrse :-))whenever I am it international / domestic / gao / ghar/ office/ kidar bhi!!)
and a guy( note tie coat suit gel wel waigera), walks right past me and 10 others and deposits his stuff for customs..Glares and glares and a few words from me.. and he looks back with an amusing expression which meant 'isko kya hua.. big deal'..
Sad.. I had liked the look of him.. but attitude ne kachra kar diya! Chivalry waigera expect karna chodo, mujhe apne turn pe bhi jane nahi de raha tha insaan!

In office canteens Ash(roomie) and me, were waiting at the counter for tea, and missy(sleeveless and high heels, nail paint bhi dang ka tha)appeared out of no where..Nudged us aside, and convincingly moved ahead of us.. and angrily handed over the tea token to the bhaiyaji..(isne kya bigade hain yaar). Bhaiyaji ofcrse not v happy, gave us our cups first(since we were there ages before our missy was), but missy swooped in the cups, before we could even bat an eyelid, and walked away tik tak with such pride.. bhaiya ji and we were left behind with disbelief expressions..
so well turned out, but such a failure on the manners..! Kaise kisi ladke ko impress karegi ladki..?

Again, our office canteen is always overflowing with people, and never do we get a place to sit..People wander about balancing plates loaded with food...looking for a place to sit.. They hover around tables where people are just scraping away the plates to the last morsel(yes the canteen food is pretty decent), so that, as soon at those guys are done, naya party will do a hallo bol on the table..But itna asaan bhi nahi hain bhaiyaa..
There are three special category of people who provide all the resistance when capturing a table
Humans designed to see only the people at the table and not the ones standing around them. They feel the need to continue their very critical discussions about girls, bikes, loans, or guys, nail paints and clothes, depending on the gender..even after they have completed their lunch and get up only when they have reached a satisfactory conclusion agreed by all.
Humans designed to 'reserve' places for friends/team mates, who are busy smoking / coding/ testing in their cubicles.. and yet to come to the canteen. But since their arrival is expected anytime, the reserve places would be in that state for any amount of time, which can even go up to an hour. Till this time, no other hovering person may dare to occupy the privileged seat.
Humans designed to make a unreserved seat as reserved at exactly the same time, when a hungry plate loaded person, is trying to settle into the 'then' unreserved seat. Women esp, throw in their lace handkerchiefs immediately, as soon as they see a happy face approaching the seat. Ofcrse no apologies are offered, in fact everybody goes on with their lunch, ignoring the happy turned sad face of the hover man!

I have travelled N number of times to Bombay from Pune and back..(I almost travel every month, and am in Pune from last 5 yrs, of which 2 yrs was in UK, so now
do the math.. :-) ). And all occasions I always travelled by Shivneri Volvo by the Maharashtra State Government. This bus satisfies all my criteria: starting at exact time always, reaching mumbai within less than 4 hours under normal traffic,
not playing loud music/TV(very very irritating!), providing a bottle of water and a newspaper and decent clean somfy seats. Considering the still increasing sky high pertol prices.. the bus tickets are obviously increasing..currently the ticket ranges between 350-380 depending on what day you are travelling..which is decent enough.. But as always, we have people who are first time travellers who always argue about the price of the ticket..and then demand bisleri water and 2 papers(this is the most ridiculous request I have ever heard.. all papers have the same news(crap) man!!, 2 paper ka kya achar dalega??)becuase of the high price. They make sure the bus stops at the bus stop more than the designated time, and argue and argue with the driver to reduce the price..demanding valid reasons for the increment(simple petrol price hike reason samjh nahi ata!!??)...
and then comes the most NOT awaited lecture of how the driver lootofies them!!?? Kuch bhi!!
After about 15 mins of undue attention, they finally oblige and take the ticket..!

Looking at such people, the first ques is, who the hell has forced you to climb the bus and shell out the money..??
second, where is the ques of looting anybody arises, when you urself have put you big foot in the bus using your own decision??
thirdly what right have you got, to shout at the top of your voice , lecture everybody else along with the driver on money matters which I am sure, is a topic least known to you!!
And lastly, moron stop wasting our time!!!

Buses and theatres have an affinity for people who NEVER keep their mobiles in the silent mode, have most amusing ring tones and who never pick thier phones,
until they have made sure everybody has noticed the ring tone and then talk at the loudest possible decibel allowed for the human ear about topic most embarassing to the people surrounding them!! Ghar ki bateen zor zor se, plus baki logon ka sukh chain lute.. is the funda of such heroes..
On most occassions, I am forced to leave aside the scene and am all ears on the ghareli problem, which our mobile guy/gal is facing.
Picture ke paise udda ke, agony aunt ke role mein gus jati huun!!
They feel that, since they are missing thier imp scene, so how can I allow others to watch it in peace!!So shuru ho jayo! Such selfish thinking..!!
Sadly they fail to reliase that by doing so, they are degrading themselves in front of some 100 odd people!!..Narrow mind thinking ki to hud ho gai??

The Human mind can be very selfish, and all the above cases justify this..
Why do people think, that if I am not related to some guy/gal, I can be inconsiderate of that person's presence around me, and behave as I wish..
Chalo behave karlo, but not that it causes pain/trouble for those around you. Why is apologising for such misconduct so so very difficult?
Sometimes, I feel are they even considerate of their family and friends as well? I really do hope that they are..but am doubtful if they can
actually change their core nature and show difference in behavior with different people.
These are no doubt, self obsessed, bloated ego species!! Special kind!
God forbid......All such encounters be minimal in my life
So that my BP is normal at all times!!


  1. the ones in theaters who don't pick their ringing phones jo doosro ka sukh chein loote - big time irritants :)
    and the world's missiys too

    nice post

    the font is too tiny, though
    padne mein thodi dikkat hoti hai

  2. Thanks Sujatha! have increased the font size :-)


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