Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oops!! Change in Itinerary

So when I was 10, 12, 15, 18 I planned and planned and planned...and then zipppzap, cut to present, am 27 now, and lo.. am thinking, 'This is not happening as I planned!'

What I planned:
I hated computers and once almost failed in the 6th std. Took a oath, never to have to do with anything that deals with computers..
What I ended up with:
Working in an IT giant for the last 5 years, and earning my bread butter using this damn thing called computers!

What I planned:
I would find a guy and make him fall for me. Would get a dreamy proposal with flowers and kisses.. he would have to propose but ofcource!! and a fairy tale love story later..muah muah..
What I ended up with:
I proposed my guy over a message, when I was travelling from Pun to Mumbai. Did not even say the 'love' word. Just said, how would it be together..?
He replied back: 'Hmm ok, I need 2 days to get back.' Me -> ????????

What I planned:
I would always settle in Mumbai come what may. and I hate pune, because all my snobbish friends (except one) moved to Pune after 12th and became even more snobbier(if that's a word!)
What I ended up with:
I am living in Pune since 2006, and since I am marrying a guy who is in Pune, looks like I am eventually going to settle down here for good..

What I planned:
I would be married at the age of 25(yes exact, as if when the clocked strikes 12 on my bday, the man of my dreams would arrive magically by my bed with a ring at his side) and I would have my baby when I turn 27.
What I ended up with:
Me unmarried. So ofcourse I did not get married when I was 25. and I am 27 for the past 6 months, so even if I wanted to, my illegitimate child will not be born, when I am still 27..

5. What I planned:
I would marry a guy who would at least be 2 years elder to me, and at most be 4 years elder to me. And he would belong to my caste.
What I ended up with:
I am marrying a guy who is 10 months younger to me, and he is a Maharashtrian..

6. What I planned:
I would never ever put my leg in the swimming pool and in a swimming costume. Because I am terrified petrified of water and drowning..
What I ended up with:
I have started swimming from Aug 2011, and although I am still very scared of the water, I have managed to swim all the strokes comfortably..

7. What I planned:
I would have the most lavish wedding, and would wear my finest traditional, and perform all the rituals of the wedding, the pheras and kanyadan included with the most solemn expression on my face..
What I ended up with:
We are having a registered marriage, which will not have any of the rituals, but just a certificate which we have to sign..

Phhffftt...all those plans, just blew up right on my face na.. I was busy planning everything as per 'my definition' of the ideal world, but all along God was like''Oops beta, a slight change in the itinerary!!' , and lifted me out of my dreams and planted me back into the real world!!..
But do I regret his changes?? well not really..

I don't hate my work so much, and really cant do without my not sure, what was I thinking back then??

My guy did take 2 days, but said yes. And this was in 2009, and he has stood by me since then!

My love for Mumbai can never diminish, but I prefer the gentle weather and hustle bustle young crowd of Pune. I love this city now!

I was not married by 25, but who cares.. as long as I marry the guy of my dreams, I don't give a damn about the age anymore .. Guess I matured! About kids, I need to mature a tinywiny little bit more :-)

Yeps, he is younger, but 10 times more mature and grounded than I am.. I have seen guys 3-4 years elder to me, but behave like kids..I am better of with this younger hero of mine na?

Ahh swimming, how I love it now, the best est stress buster ever. All credit goes to Ash for getting me into that pool and teaching me how to swim. Yes you got that right, I never learnt from a coach, learnt it all from her!! And yes it is the best way to get a shapely body guys.. Go for it.

Well not very cool with the registered marriage, but I guess it is the guy whoI get married would matter more than the celebrations and the photo albums in the long run na..

So know what, I will continue to plan and plan.. but you always welcome to come and change the itinerary thoda idar udar..All additions/subtractions are now most welcome :-))


  1. i thoroughly enjoyed this post & the title you gave rocks :)

    when i read pt 2, i immediately went to your profile to see your zodiac - (haha yeah i have fun with signs )

    pt 4 - so funny - i mean woh najayaz bachcha & all & still cant be done - biology being against it - the villain - :DD

    pt 5 - you know what, i am 3 years 9 months older than Sathya & we realized it just before the wedding when his father asked for my 'jataka' to be matched

    and u r right about the maturity thing. he is definitely way more mature than me - at least in the way he handles people & seriously, the age is really a number (as cliched as it sounds)

    the swimming thing: haha i always wanted to get into a swimming suit though i didn't know swimming (i still don't!!) & even to this day i just waddle in the water in all kinds of revealing swimwear :DD

  2. Am beginning to think, I seem to be a lot like you! Love for Tea, Hate for coffee, A younger, husband, Kudla..more to discover yet! :-)

    Thanks for your comment, Sujatha! :-D

  3. eerna older posts thuleye. nanala thutijyerandh.

  4. @Sujatha: 'thutijyerandh', artha athiji :-((

  5. This is such a cute post...all that advice I was turning over in my mind to give at the end of the numbers, you managed them on your own in the aftermath!
    sensible girl and yes, what does not work with our planning is the best because bhagwan ji is doing the rest!

    and i got to know a whole lot about you through this post which is great-27 and single but rocking n in a relationship with a great grounded man and a computer expert...who wants anything else!:-)

    god bless and let us know when those wedding bells call!

  6. I think almighty has been consistently blessing you with a better execution of your dreams or it was just you only who made herself fit into!
    Anyway happiness only matters!
    May Almighty keeps blessing you( Including with the youngest hero of your family too pretty soon)!!! Awesome post.. Keep posting and don't forget to keep planning as well! Thoda idhar udhar chalta hai yar!!! hahahahahaha

  7. @Suruchi, Agreed, what happens, happens for the best, and yes god's there! Wedding bells soon!!

    @Sujatha: Did you mean, I havenot read all your posts? Actually, I read most of them in Oct, but was shy to comment then!!..but yes have to go through the remaining ones..

    @Veby, Thanks so much.. and yeps almighty is with us, always!

  8. @Jenny: you know what let's just ditch this tulu in english :) we are going way off here :DD

    i said: i have read YOUR posts - the older ones & left comments on them but you haven't seen them yet!!!!!

    atha maith padli kaai ??

  9. its all written from above :)destiny

  10. @Alka, true , its all written!

    @Sujatha, Maith padla :-) Ahh saw them.. really appreciate this a lot Sujatha, need that kind of encouragement!!!

  11. @Veby, Glad you liked the post so much..And yes, I dont think I can ever stop planning :-) and I think it was a bit of both, me and almighty ;-)


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