Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zor Lage ke

Ok, So I had a dreadful day yesterday.. And I have to write something different to change gears..:-)

I drive a Maruti 800.. Please don't say a negative word about this car, as to how old fashioned it is, and just 800cc ki gadi.. and all and all.. I love this car.. and it has a lot of sentiments attached with it. Papa bought this in 1999 and it was the first car in our family. So it has been showered upon with a lot of love, care and servicing by amma papa..

ok, so the last weekend, I took away my golden beauty to the maruti service station.. I had not been very good to her and she did show her wrath in her special own way.. Although she was bathed every alternate day, tvacha ki andar se safali nahi hui thi..i.e. no servicing for 6 months.. Dekha dekha, and finally she just would not start on a busy highway at 9 in the night..(but eventually did start) So lesson learnt.. that very Saturday, she was taken to the maruti sai service station at JM road in Pune.

So when this girl wants to pamper itself, she leaves no stone unturned.. All that pampering and massaging, oil and brake fluid changing cost me a good 7000 bucks... but never mind.. 6 months mein 7K sirf ek baar is fine..


But this post is not about the servicing of my(well err papa's) car but more about what happened after the servicing..

So Maruti guys promised me, that I could pick up the car over the weekend itself.. Weekend came and went, but no calls from them. Monday ko finally I call, and they tell me, ki Tuesday ko the car is available. Now since I work long hours almost till 9 nowadays (this new project seems to have loads of work!!), there was no way I could go from Hinjewadi to JM to collect it. So instead they offer me their home delivery facility,of course not for free, but for a good 100 bucks.. I am fine with that, and tell them to come around 9:30 night.

Tuesday: So I wait and wait, and finally get a call at 10:30 in the night. A man who is very irritated is yelling into the phone.. 'Madam, petrol khatam ho gaya!!!'. ok, so I guess this is the man with my car and it is my car who has no fuel.. I am all tensed now, but I camly ask him 'Bhaiya kaha ho?'..

So after exchanging landmarks and shop names, I know the coordinates of my car and the man, who is actually the driver from the service station(of course you would have guessed this by now, how lame of me!!)

This place is not far, just approx 700-800 metres away from my house. In 10-15 minutes I am there, and ask him to try and start the car. OK so we try try try, but my darling girlie will not budge. Don't blame her, there iisn't a drop of petrol in the tank.

Me now frustated, asked the driver, how can he drive so far knowing that there is so little petrol in the car. Also, the petrol indicator start blinking like mad, when there is just petrol enough to take you 5 kms ahead only. He replies back, saying he did tell his managers, but the managers told him to obey him and not talk much. So he decided to ignore the blinking and just drive along..Me: what???why??? how could..?/? what the..??

I call up the manager. Manager, instead of apologising, tells me, to buy a can and go and get petrol. Now I am really angry. I am standing on the road which is good 15 minutes from my house..it uphill all the way..its after 10:30, so no petrol pumps close to my house are open. and I have no can(they don't provide petrol in the bottles nowadays in pune) to get petrol.. He thinks, and hmms and hamms and then tells me to catch a rick and get petrol from a pump which is 45 mins away one way (in a rick)..oh wow, what an idea pshco.. I flare up, and give him a earful. Starting with how can he send the car with so little petrol, he could very well fill it up, and I would then pay the money later..
So he then goes defensive first and then totally stops responding..Irritating!!!.. He then starts telling me about all those years he has worked with cars, and how he knows that the petrol in my car was surely enough..Argghhh!!!! Lameness is hud ho gai thi!

After wasting 15 mins on the manager, the driver and I decide to push the car..Wow, my first time.. so I am like ..'Kitna mushkil ho sakta hain??big deal..lets push!!'
He starts pushing from the right hand window near the steering wheel, since he also has to control the steering.. and I take the back..

So the task is to push the Maruti for a distance of 700 odd metres, a total uphill with 3 speed breakers.. sound easy na..?

Hell no!!
We start, and for the first time, I am aware of the muscles which are present in my thighs and buttocks.. The hamstring, gluteal, quadriceps muscles discussions among the leaner lot in the gym is coming screaming back to me!!..
After painful 5 mins, we are at the first speed breaker. I take a pause to halt..ok so never do that w/o telling the person who is handling the steering wheel.. The minute you stop pushing, the car rolls backwards right on to you..I pause, it comes back in double speed, and next I know, I am almost falling under it!!.. Immediately the driver realises this, and pulls the hand brake to stop the car motion.. Ahh I am saved..!! Driver glares.. and I am
'don't need this now buddy'


We take a break of 2 minutes, and start again.. Couple of bikers go past us, and the riders show me their pearly whites. I am aghast.. ok, so I am ajj ki nari and all that.. and I dont need a hand while I push my car.. But this is really insensitive.. I mean if it were me.. I would help push even if it was a solid well built guy, or alteast ask, or the least, never laugh!!!..
Believe me guys, pushing a car is not something I look forward to doing again soon, it is really tough!!!

We continue pushing, zor lage ke, and this we go non stop without stopping over the third speed breaker as well.. I clearly picture myself -> just pushing and pushing and not even looking up to see how much distance we had covered..:-(((
After 15 minutes, we finally manage to push my car into the parking..For the last bit, the watchmen were kind enough to help.. So grateful sachi!! Cleared of the bills and did give gave extra something to the 2 watchmen and the driver..They deserved it totally.. and what did I deserve.. no work out for the entire week.. :-)))

So even though it was painful.. I was proud of myself, that I actually pushed a 1000kg vehicle!!! And now I know that I can push my car if needed be, anytime, anywhere.. But at the same time am also thinking , thank god my parents did not buy/could not afford a car like Esteem(was very popular then) or something like that then..:-)) What would it be like if they had.. Hmmm.. lets not even think about that na :-)))

PS: The service station guys did call me after couple of days for my feed back about the servicing. The car was very well serviced, but I did mention about the aftermath. The lady was kind enough to mention, that she would check and address this issue as priority. She said she would get as soon as possible. It has been 2 weeks since that incident and and I am still waiting for the 'get back'


  1. As much as I wanna sympathise with your distress, but you made the description so lively-I stuck around till the end...stupid managers, yes wtf were they thinking? I hope the darling girlie is now fine?:-)

    lol at the muscles screaming, the first speed breaker bump and the aaj ki naari bit!
    fun read for sure n i hope they get back soon:-)

  2. :-) Thanks Suruchi.. Yeps she is fine and is in perfect condtion :-D

    well about them, I guess I will only get to hear from them, when it will be the time for the next servicing!!!

  3. You have converted your agony into a hilarious post!

  4. Nice post !! i can visualise your efforts knowing slope of road near your house.

  5. You are lucky enough you are owning a maruti 800. Enitrely enjoyed your post and from the start to finish I was smiling:) Keep writing:)

  6. woah! that's quite an experience!

    and first cars are always a treasure :)

    that manager deserves one tight slap

  7. Such a lack of concern for the poor driver, the car and for you. Hope you let him know that he's not getting your business again and that your friends and blog visitors are very sympathetic!

  8. @Mithlash, Thanks so much!! yes very lucky to own one..

    @Sujatha, I am yet to find out about the manager, and when I do that, the tight slap will be executed .. and yes first cars.. real treasures!!

    @KayEm, Thanks a lot for visiting and the sympathies..:-) yes, true no more business for him!!!

  9. Love the way you write in that complete slight hindi total english conversational type.
    Reading the post I actually picturised u telling it to me face to face.

    Maruti 800 is a legend and nobody who knows the revolution it created in India would ever make fun of it.

    I know these service station guys can be a pain. I myself got into a mess w/ them once. Got my scooty repaired and it broke down when i was on my way back from the service station. Imagine that.

    Wo toh bhala ho ek chote se mechanic shop wale ka. He checked and repaired it for me and that too w/o charging anything. He told me that the service people never changed the spark plug, inspite of me specifically telling them that was troubling me. Those buggers charged me some 1000 bucks where as this humble guy didn't even ask me anything. And yes i'm not so selfish. I paid him. :)

    1. Firstly Thanks a ton for following me!!! Hey, even I owned a scooty..!! Oh yes even I have had experiences where they took away original parts of the vehicle. How kind of the mechanic shop wale bhaiya..Sometimes, the people whom you really don't want to trust, turn up being the saviours!!!!


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