Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not about a new year!!

I always thought I had seen the worst in my life.. ha..but I was so very wrong..I am so not in the correct frame of mind to write anything... I was so not in the correct frame of mind from the last few weeks......

Life is strange.. my once favorite month now seems to terrorize me(started in 2008)...Funny..Its as if god awaits for the last month of the year and then shoots off the missile from the heaven above, right into my life, with perfect precision each time..

And now I feel, why do I keep blaming god for most of things in my life..?? Correction, most bad things!!!

Diverting..!!! before I ramble anything anymore, here is why I wrote this post..
A very close friend has literally taken thoughts from my mind and has put in on paper here Here.. I could never express myself better than what he has...

Love you nik for this.. I dire to be the moon here!!!

Happy new Year to everyone.. and as always I will look forward to all the months ( including dec) in the new year.. Hope is still alive..!


  1. Get back Jenny fast...and remember December is just a month...I read the suggested piece too...don't wanna say more till I know what bothers the beautiful, sweet girl...

    take care and the mantras:
    1.This too shall pass
    2.Whatever's happening is happening for my good

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  3. Thanks Suruchi,CK and Sujatha...

  4. This is great! to tell u the truth even i share a similar ideology for the last month of the year :)
    Cheers n Happy to be here ~

  5. :-) Thanks so much for the comment, and for follwoing me :-)


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