Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wife's Poem - Unknown Author

Hubby sent me an interesting forward and I really couldn't helping chuckling after reading it. Hope you enjoy this and take it in the right spirit! The author is unknown, but I am sure she (or he?) possesses an amazing sense of humour!

He didn't like the curry
         And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
  Not like his mother use to make.
     I didn't prepare the coffee right
He didn't like the skew,
          I didn't mend his socks
       The way his mother used to do.
     I pondered for an answer
   I was looking for a clue.
Isn't there anything I could do
   To match his mother's shoe
      Then I smiled as I saw light
     One thing I could definitely do
             I turned around
             and slapped him tight...
           Like his mother used to!!!!!

Author unknown

Husbands, who insist that wife should treat him like his mother does, beware!


  1. ROFL ROFL ;) cant believe CK sent it so confident is it? CK Over confidence is not good ROFL :D

    hehehe jen no comment!!! Nice read keep enlightening us!

  2. Nice one. Good laugh. Keep entertaining us.

  3. Smart wife indeed! But, do Mothers slap?

  4. AMAZING!!


  5. Hahaha.. You are right.. The author has got a great sense of humour :)

  6. The ending was just perfect, Jenny:)

  7. I think the last line should have been as " Like his mother SHOULD have" :D

  8. Whoever the author is, I liked the climax:)

  9. Lol !!
    Of all the ways to end the poem, this one, I couldnt have guessed...

  10. There is no way I am going to share this post with my wife :D.. By the way, a good poem for those husbands who always compare their wife with their mom... :)

  11. Making comparison is the worst that can be done to insult a person ! I have seen this message before but I read it again just for the feel of it :D Its awesome !

  12. Thank you guys. Glad you all enjoyed it :-)))

  13. I have read it, it came to me in those forward mails. BTW, what did you say to your husband after reading it?

    Actually this should be made into a song and I think even I should write a poem similar to this one.

  14. Actually now that you have mentioned it we realized that we never discussed about the poem at all! I have to ask him now :-)

    Oh yes Saru, this would be fun! Please do write a poem similar to this one :-) A different take though.

  15. thanks for the warning. i shall be careful :-)

  16. LOL.
    I've never read this one before ..
    I'd definitely adore such witty wives!:D
    Keep sharing such forwards gal!:)

  17. Awesome! me likes::-)

  18. Thank you guys! Glad you liked this :-)

  19. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post
    was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going
    to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  20. LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  21. I am on the wife side here...comparing two people is so wrong, he deserved it..:) Dear Husband, Get a life dude...:) Thanks for sharing...:)

  22. I so loved it :-). And it is unfair to compare your wife with your mom. Nicely put :-)

  23. Thank you guys, glad youi liked the poem, and took it in the right spirit :-)

  24. hehe so funny! The ending was quite unexpected :).

  25. i kept guessing how the ending would be .. and it was a surprise :P


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