Saturday, August 9, 2014

August started with

a 12 km run from Chandani Chowk to Manas Resort before Pirangut Village. If you live in Pune, you ought to know that this is a beautiful ghat road with enough hilly trails to provide the thighs and knees something to remember for couple of days. We stay at Warje, so we drove down to the 24 hour Cafe coffee day at Chandani Chowk and parked the car there. From there on, the run was beautiful with 4 halts in total.

Running is therapeutic for me and I cannot stress on this further. I cannot even recollect the number of thoughts which crossed my mind during the entire run. Weirdly enough I stopped my music right after the initial 3 kms. The weather, trail was more than enough, to keep me motivated. Ash did a great job completing the 12 km run. Proud of her!

Running alongside a view like this

That's just half way of the run

Sweat - from head to toe

And ofcourse my awesome Mum is here. So breakfast everyday is way way better than any five star hotel buffet. And after this run it was this


  1. Wow thats an excellent breakfast ! I just had idlis too !

  2. lets do it again on some weekends

  3. I cant believe you made a post and dint tell me :D
    You both look super cute post run :D Ash looks fit :D happy to see you guys

  4. NAICEeeeeeeeeeeeee :) wowo.. this is one thing i love to do thrice a week and it is beautiful .. sadly I dont have my mum making me breakfast :(

    and good to see you back :) so helllooooooooooo


  5. Great, I can never run but walking does the same thing to me. Idlis for breakfast, it's best. And you look so fresh in the picture.


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