Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Pink Slippers!

When we were in Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh, we used to visit this famous UDA park beach many a times. Those used to be, one of my most looked forward moments.. and the main highlight of my weekends then. I loved the beaches..Amma, never liked the water so she used to stay back to watch our chappals..But Papa and me never used to lose a minute to remove those BATA slippers and rush to the oncoming waves to wet our feet..Papa like every other PAPA, used to only allow me to wet my ankles.. Every step ahead in the water, after that, would follow with 10 words of caution.. (Like.. u don’t know the sea.. it pulls you in..This is THE BAY OF BENGAL.. It is supposed to be a rough sea..ur a kid.. ur don’t understand.. And so on..) After all that, I would never dare to go ahead and wet my knees…On one of such weekend trips.. Amma could not accompany us.. so as we didn’t have anyone to look after our precious BATA slippers.. Papa and I decided to go ahead into the water with those on.. Papa had buckled shoes, so they could never come out on any case..I had my fav pink strap slippers on..
The moment I went into the water, the receding waves went back merrily, taking one of my pink slipper along with them.. Leaving me with a expression of shock and disbelief..
One thing to note here is , I was super possessive about my stuff.. I never even used to lose a eraser in school!! Amma tells me she used to throw them away eventually..(Ever seen a eraser getting over?? I have many a times )Seeing those pretty pink slipper vanishing in front of my eyes.. the easy tears came up..Papa, after one look at me, went after my pinky slipper and dived into the so called dangerous Bay of Bengal and came back after 10 frightful seconds, with the slipper in his hand and a sheepish but a victorious grin on his face..The man who never allowed me to even wet my knees.. Was drenched in salt water from head to toe just to get back that Pink slipper..!!I ran up to to him in the water wetting my knees finally :-), and he held me up high and gave me my beloved slipper..Eventually those slippers weared off and many Pink slippers came after that.. But even after 17 years since that day, never ever has anyone done such a HEROIC act for me..That incident always had a special memory in heart and mind..and unfortunately that memoryspace is going to be a “USED SPACE” for LIFE!Remebering you ALWAYS PAPA..Love you always!


  1. wow! truly beautifully written & what a way to know & feel how much he loved you. so sweet of him.

    and the Bata slippers -- haha - the first "branded" item of my life :))

    your mother throwing away the erasers - too much rey...itna possessive! no wonder, the pink slippers freaked you out when they slipped out of your feet

  2. Thanks so much Sujatha!! Really appreciate you reading most of my blogs and liking them :-))

    Although, I now seem to loose most things now..but on the possessive stuff.. wo abhi bhi thoda kam karna hi padega :-)

  3. Oh Jenny thats even a very heartfelt memory. Thanks for this link...I loved reading it and clearly this incident is etched in your heart for life. There is noone like Papa and noone can ever be like him !

    1. Thanks Anita. Aprreciate you, reading this link, and glad you liked it. Yes Papas are one of a kind :-)


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