Friday, November 11, 2011

The Intruder

I stare across the hall in a shock. It is almost dark but I see the sly winning look again, the creeps are back in me, and a shiver goes down my spine. I again feel an outsider in my own house .. Today I dont run away.. but instead decide to fight back. I want to overcome this fear once for ever..I cant bear to live like this anymore.. I glare and maintan eye contact, but grope around for a weapon.. The vase is what my hand touches..and the weight of it gives me a boost. I surge ahead with a new confidence.. but the intruder stands his ground.. I know I have to act fast, and I know the intruder is now alert..The narrow stream of moonlight shines in from the window.. For a split second, I break eye contact..and look out of it, The intruder takes the bait and the eyes follows me..The distraction is enough, and in the next instant I crash the vase.. Beaten, the intruder fleds ground and jumps out of the window.. And then suddenly I go blind!!!

I have now finally overcome my fear for cockroaches.. and the lights have also come back..Home is home again :-)

PS: In reality I am not afraid of rats/lizards/cockroaches. The slimy ones bring about the above effect for me :-P


  1. tum bhi!!!!! Found you from Ashvini's blog. tum dono ne mere sath cheating kiya - never told me about your blogs!
    Nice blog by the way!

  2. i was so engrossed in the narration that when i came to the word "cockroaches" i was like "oh shit!!"
    have you watched Panic Room?

    liked this post because it is so short just one para but it was like a high tension wire

    but pls agli baar koi daaku ya lootera ho toh achcha ho!!! hahaha itna achcha post keval ek roach ke liye :)))

    Sathya is petrified of lizards (!!!) but i find them so so harmless/not creepy at all
    rats & snakes meri jaan le lete hai

  3. Cockroach!!!! I was wondering where you were taking it all to. To be frank, I was expecting some class hindi filmy villain. Well kept suspense till the end.
    BTW short and thrilling read..

  4. @Sujatha: hehe, petrified of cuteee!
    Panic room, thriller!!
    and I CANNOT stand snakes ever!! Thanks for the comment :-))

    @LeoPaw, I love your blog name!!and yes have read why it is that way :-) Thanks for the comment and woohoo so glad you are following :-))


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