Monday, February 20, 2012

Which F.R.I.E.N.D are you?

I am addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, so much that when I go home, the first thing I do is, boot my lappy and watch any episode of FRIENDS. I have seen all the reruns on the TV and am the proud owner of all the 10 seasons! I know all the trivia about friends, and can tell which episode, a particular scene belongs to, so much that sometimes I dream about friends, and imagine myself to be one of them.

Although I like all the 6 characters, I feel the closest to Monica. The thought of me being one of them, has actually triggered this post. Have you ever wondered which of the 6 FRIENDS, you resemble the most?
Even if you have no idea what FRIENDS is, please don't skip the post. Read it, and immediately rent out a video of any of the seasons. I am sure you are bound to love it!

So guys now tell me, what kind of a FRIEND are you?

If you are childlike and innocent but at the same time mature.
If you are weird but street smart and tough, tough as in 'traumatic experiences tough'.
If you believe that Santa Claus exists and believe in reincarnation and God.
If you are not a sucker for romance, and are cool with casual relationships and one night stands and heavy drinking sometimes.
If you have such a big heart that you readily agree to become a surrogate for your brother.
If you are so comfortable in your skin, that you can carry any weird outfits, play and sing music out of tune in the loudest possible voice and run around in the jogging park like a 6 year old running towards the swings!!
Then you are Phoebe!

If you are extremely pretty and beautiful.
If you are the more secure, independent one in a relationship.
If you are image conscious, so much that, you may change the size and shape of any of your body part.
If you were the spoiled daddy's self absorbed girl, but have changed to the responsible one over the period of time.
If you are slightly dim in the area of domestic skills and cooking but extremely fashion oriented.
If you are very supportive of your friends, that you would move out, to accommodate the BF of your roomie, with no qualms.
If you are independent and mature, to give birth to a child out of wedlock.
Then you are Rachel!

If you are very good looking, but still simple minded.
If you are a womanizer, but doesn't disrespect them.
If you would be in a constant dilemma, if you had to choose between food and sex!
If you are caring and a kind hearted person, despite being dim.
If you could forgive your best friend for kissing your GF, because friendship means more to you than the girl.
If you are so determined to make it in your profession, that you would do any kind of job, to stay active in the same.
If friendship and happiness of your friend, means more to you than money.
Then you are Joey!

If you find yourself in difficult situations, where people consider you to be gay, due to your behavior!
If you use your humor and sardonic attitude as a defence mechanism, again due to a traumatic childhood experience.
If you were first allergic to commitment and long lasting relationships, but eventually mature into a responsible husband.
If friendship means so much to you, that you support your friend all along, paying rent, paying for the classes of your friend, and paying for food all along.
If you choose friendship over love, where you would sit in a box and not say a word, even though your GF is going away for ever, just for your friend.
If you love your girlfriend, despite her bossiness, neatness, and overly competitive nature.
If you are so mature, that you can handle infertility, and decide to adopt, because you want to be a parent no matter how and more because your wife is already in a place where she is a mother.
Then you are Chandler!

If you are an attractive woman, with an hourglass figure.
If you tend to be the mother hen of you group of close friends and love to play the perfect host and cook for them.
If you are very careful around men and relationships, because of your past body imperfections.
If you are a cleanliness freak, and have an obsessive personality, bossy and competitive nature.
If you are a sucker for strong relationships, and love and want to have kids, so much that you would consider becoming a single mother through artificial insemination!
If you always on guard in front of your mother!
If you are quite affectionate towards your friends, so much that you would make the friend (who doesn't invite you to her wedding) as your roomie and support her till she is her independent self. That you would be the more mature and supportive of your sibling, even though you are the younger one. That you would give up a special name, which you have decided for your child, for your friend's daughter.
Then you are Monica!

If you are a geek, but still charming, sweet natured and the most romantic of all your friends.
If you are not scared of commitments, so much that, for you, marriage is the first step of every relationship.
If you are the one who always seems to have the greatest body mishaps, such as excessive whitening of teeth or a lot of tan only on the front side.
If you are such a good friend that, you being a guy, would even kiss your guy friend in order to help him practice for a gay role.
If you are insecure, jealous and possessive in your relationships.
If you have the annoying habits of correcting people grammar, and are unable to pull out a sentence straight when nervous.
If you are wonderful father and the most supportive husband for all your wives. Such that you would give away your lesbian divorced wife because her parents would not, on her wedding. That you would bring up your illegitimate child with the most care and support her mother and your friend always.
Then you are Ross!

So here we are! I have tried the best to get out the best traits of all 6(google helped me out) of them and
now I await to know which one are you?


  1. wow !! Nice post Jenny..
    I think I am close to Chandler. Esp for point you mentioned as -
    If you were first allergic to commitment and long lasting relationships, but eventually mature into a responsible husband.
    :) :) :)

    1. Tee hee mature :-P

      yes you do resemble Chandler :-)

  2. And Loved this new look of your blog :)

  3. half chandler and half Ross I am :)

    1. :-)) NM, what half of chandler and what half of Ross?

  4. I would be Monica...:) especially about her habit of getting irritated if the things are not at their correct place...also afraid of relationships...also need that dream of having a husband and kids (i want two :P) and since the clock is ticking even sometimes thinking about becoming a single mother...yup i think i would be Monica :P

    1. no no no . you better change your mind and become phoebes :) or rachel

  5. Wow Ash, All valid reasons why you are Monica!! :-))

  6. I am mixture of Joey and Ross...
    Ross: I am extreamly possesive, belive in stable relationship, more towards academic...
    Joey: when you guys start talking about football or tennis I just node along.. :D Even I havn't read 1/4 books as of Ashvini, lives in own dream world
    But yeah Ross is part is more in me

    1. :-)) Thanks Sandy! Didinot know you were possesive!! Now want to see how you would behave when you are in a relationship :-)

      I dont think you are like Joey though :-)

  7. Hey, I have not seen even one episode of friends. I think I can relate to Joey, partly though. Very good looking, well not to be so....:P, simple minded, no disrespect to women, friendship and happiness of a friend means more than money to me, caring and kind hearted person...:) Btw, a nice blog, put it in different way and like the way you made this as an interactive thing.

    Just a thought, in the word FRIENDS, there are 7 letters and only 6 characters, so was wondering why put myself as the 7 character...??:P My description: I am Shy, Introver, Simple, love my bike, love to make people smile, thinking out of the box, smart....what say, Jenny...?? ;P:):)

    1. Oh, you ought to watch friends! Well I think ONLY partly Joey, since he is very dim also :-)

      I like your 7th character!! Interesting sir! What about relationships though?

  8. haha . Oh , FRIENDS is epic !!

    I have a bit of monica and a bit of Joey in meeeeeeee :D

    1. hehehe yes an epic!

      Ahh Monica and Joey
      I hope you are the attractive friend and a awesome cook wala Joey and Monica instead of the dim, obsessive competetive wala version :-P

      Thanks for the comment!

  9. I am Monica for sure. I don't have the looks but everything else is same. I clean my bathroom twice a day..:p

    1. Omigod cleaning the bathroom twice a day.. then look no other way, you are the Monica! :-)) Thanks for the comment!

  10. Oh My God :-) I'm just as addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S as you are. Somehow I feel they take away all my pain and tiredness and I always feel good after watching them. I can probably see the same episode and laugh for the same joke every time I see them :-)
    I don't know which character I would be, but my all time fav is Chandler Bing. Piiiiiing :-)
    Felt so nice to read this post :-)

    1. Oh yes, I laugh at the same joke every time and I haved watched it so many times, that my husband is sick of it :-P Aww I also find Chandler the cutest :-))

  11. You have so brilliantly brought out the best of them know I have often wondered which character I am closest to and then after shuffling between Monica's love for perfection and Rachel's using her charms and Pheobe's madness...I realized that these characters are sketched in such a way that in each of them you find traces of your own self...yes, even in the guys.

    I guess that's what accounts for the series being so fab as it is:-)

    1. A very different angle and so true..! I think, yes we do have a little bit of all the 6 characters in us.. and to add to 'Monica's love for perfection and Rachel's using her charms and Pheobe's madness' , we do have
      'Ross's geekness, Chandler's humor and Joey flirtatious nature!'

      Thanks for the comment Suruchi!

  12. Certainly lovable characters all! You have done a lot of research on each character, Jenny:)

  13. ha ha- you have done a great job describing each one of them. I doubt I would fit into the 'friends' group- :) But it was a nice show to watch.

  14. you really are TOTALLY into friends. Way more than me :DDD
    i bow down to you :))

  15. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting:-))


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